Professional Headshots

We have been taking professional headshots for over ten years that help individuals and companies grow their brands by standing out from the crowd. As an individual, headshots become part of your own personal marketing kit and as a company they lift the level of professionalism of your company's online presence, corporate internal directory, talent cards and for speaking engagements.  

Our professional headshot clients range from students and actors to DJs to Fortune 100 company leaders. In every instance our goal is always to exceed your expectations by creating an image that reflects your personal brand. We provide both in-studio and on-location services and take care of all the details needed to create a professional headshot.

Our prices start at $125 for in-studio sessions and $250 for on-location sessions. We also provide full day on-site corporate group headshot sessions and can handle up to 90 people a day. You can find our pricing details here.

Book your session now by leaving a message or via phone/text on +1 (614) 526-9333.